ITINERARY LOCATIONS: Elliott Bay Marina Fuel Dock, and Maggie Bluffs restaurant in the Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle.


Beautiful weather and low tide regularly ignite our spirits to explore sea life along the seawalls of Elliott Bay while marveling at the cruise ships from a closer perspective.  We love to finish the experience with drinks on the patio of Maggie Bluffs or the bar of Palisades.  


Beautiful Elliott Bay Marina filled with luxury vessels that are protected by a seawall. Outside the seawall lies travel “lanes” for ferries, cargo and cruise ships. 


Adults and kids who think kayaking with occasional rolling waves is fun!


Oftentimes, harbor seals will sun themselves on the rock jetty across from the Marina Fuel Dock where you pick up the kayaks. On a recent trip, we spotted ten slumbering on the seawall.
If you go right from the fuel dock and then turn right towards the beach at the seawall, stay close to the wall to spot starfish, sea anemone and definitely keep your eyes out for jellyfish in the water. One time watched an 18”-wide fried egg jellyfish dance in the water below our kayaks for 10 minutes. Pretty spectacular!
Another good place to spot sea life is along the west side of the rock jetty and then if you head straight out towards the bay, you can sit and marvel at the huge vessels moving in and out of the docks. 
After you finish exploring the Bay, head to the patio of Maggie Bluffs Restaurant and take in a libation, food and beautiful view of the Marina and Mt. Rainier (if the sky is clear). 

Rent Your Kayak at the End of Dock G

Rent Your Kayak at the End of Dock G


  • ABILITY TO UNPLUG RATING: Medium, because there is coverage but you will want to place cell phones in a dry bag that you get from the Marina office. 
  • Consider calling ahead, (206) 285-4817, to see if kayaks are available. Go to the dock with the “Fuel Dock Store” sign. Walk all the way to the end of the dock and go into the store to rent the kayaks. 
  • Only take what you need and that can fit inside a dry bag. 
  • Rental fees:  $15/hour/kayak, single or double and $15/hour/paddleboards.
  • Park in the free, 3-hour retail spaces in the parking lot, near Palisades.
  • Elliott Bay Marina and Maggie Bluffs Restaurant, 2601 W Marina Pl, Seattle, WA 98199