My Inspiration TO SHARE

As a self-proclaimed ambassador of fun, and creator of Experience PNW, I get a real charge out of helping people find experiences that bring connectedness to their days. I personally become very inhospitable if not afforded the frequent opportunity to go on on a date with my husband Tim or escape the Seattle city boundaries with my family or friends. My personal passion lies in finding reasons to celebrate and matching those with authentic experiences that evoke a sense of escape, re-connection and appreciation for life. Once I find someplace I love, I am driven to inspire others to check it out, too, and that is why I started 

This passion started for me in middle school when I would scour the Saturday "Peach Section" of my hometown newspaper, "The Toledo Blade." The Peach Section listed events happening around town. I mostly daydreamed about being able to experience all the events, but moved more into action mode in college when I started planning social events for the Public Relations Student Society of America at Ohio State University. After working in PR for 15 years, my husband Tim and I owned a bar and live music venue called ToST Lounge, which was like hosting a party every night of the week. These days, Tim and I continue to host parties and camp-outs and plan vacations nearly a year in advance. 

My favorite getaway companions are Tim, our 12-year old daughter Bella (author of the Tween articles), dog Veli and our lively cadre of friends. When I am not planning our next adventure or exploring the Northwest I enjoy gardening, cooking, experiencing live music and practicing my Taylor GS Mini guitar.  

On this site, I only feature experiences that I personally recommend. I hope that these posts inspire you to round up your favorite getaway companions and hit the road soon, either for a day or weekend.  

Where was that photo taken?

Do you have one of my business cards with a photo on the back? Have you been dying to know where the photo was taken? Peruse those above and below and see which one of my favorite Pacific Northwest places has been calling you to get out and explore! For more fun, click on the image to see if I have yet written an article with details so that you can experience the place in person!